Garden Tools and Equipment at Gavin Horticulture Supply Company

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    The Best Brands in Garden Tools Equipment Everyone knows the secret to a green thumb is using the proper garden tools like spades, hoes and shovels. Make your life a little easier and your garden a little better with high-quality gardening tools. Get the right garden tools from Gavin Horticulture and make any job in the garden easier, whether you're planting, weeding, pruning, or clearing leaves.
    At Gavin Horticulture, you'll find the high quality gardening equipment every serious gardener needs. If we don't have it in stock, we will be glad to order it for you. Break up ground and prepare for planting using a sturdy wheel hoe. Zip tools, plants, fertilizer, and harvest around your yard with our wooden or aluminum garden carts. Garden seeders and spreaders ensure even coverage seed and many can be adapted to handle fertilizers. You will find push spreaders, over the shoulder, and hand-held models.
    Find the products you need to bring in the bounty from your fruit including orchard ladders, professional picking bags, and long handled fruit pickers. Remember, just because you don't see it, doesn't mean we don't carry it or have a supplier who does!

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    Quality Garden Tools for the Avid Gardener. Quality garden tools and good customer service are two things that seem hard to come by these days...we want to change that! We invite you to have a look around and talk with some of the staff here... there's sure to be a garden hand tool that will make your gardening more enjoyable and less tiresome.