Sethoxydim at Gavin Horticulture Suppy Company

  • This is just a place holder Sethoxydim kills grasses by preventing the synthesis of lipids, but it has little or no impact on broadleaf herbs or woody plants. Sethoxydim is readily degraded through microbial metabolism and photolysis, and possibly by hydrolysis. Numerous degradation products have been identified, some of which are also toxic to plants. The average half-life of sethoxydim in soils is four to five days, but half-lives can range from a few hours to 25 days.
    Because sethoxydim is water-soluble and does not bind strongly with soils, it can be highly mobile. No reports, however, were found referring to water contamination or off-site movement by sethoxydim. Sethoxydim is of relatively low toxicity to birds, mammals, and aquatic animals, and has little noticable impact on soil microbe populations. An oil adjuvant or non-ionic surfactant should be used to facilitate absorption of sethoxydim by plants.
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