Cyhalothrin Insecticide at Gavin Horticulture Suppy Company

  • Cyhalothrin Cyhalothrin is a pyrethroid insecticide, an ingredient in the Karate brand of pesticides sold by Syngenta. Cyhalothrin is a fluorinated pyrethrin analog. Lambda-cyhalothrin is a mixture of highly active isomers of cyhalothrin. Brand names include 'Karate', 'Kung-fu', 'Matador', and 'Demand CS' (Syngenta); in the USA, 'Triazicide' and 'Hot Shot' are used in the Home Landsape and Garden markets. Terro also makes an outdoor ant and other insect prevention treatment similar to Home Defense using this ingredient. Sygenta held the patent for Lambda-cyhalothrin. This patent expired in most major markets in 2003.
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