Iprodion at Gavin Horticulture Suppy Company

  • Iprodion Iprodion is used on crops affected by Botrytis bunch rot, Brown rot, Sclerotinia and other fungal diseases in plants. It is currently applied in a variety of crops: fruit, vegetables, ornamental trees and scrubs and on lawns. It is a contact fungicide that inhibits the germination of fungal spores and it blocks the growth of the fungal mycelium.
    It has been marketed under the brand name "Rovral" and "Chipco green" (both brands of Bayer CropScience). This chemical was developed originally by Rhône-Poulenc Agrochimie (later Aventis CropScience and in 2002 acquired by Bayer). Patents on iprodione are currently expired.
    In 2010 Iprodione was launched in the United States as a nematicide with the brand name "Enclosure" by the agbiotech company DevGen.

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