Fosetyl-Al at Gavin Horticulture Suppy Company

  • Fosetyl-Al Fosetyl-Al, which is sold under the trade name Aliette, is a systemic fungicide used to control damping-off and rot of plant roots, stems and fruit. It is applied as a plant dip treatment and a drench for transplants, by incorporating it into the soil prior to planting, and by applying it to foliage. Fosetyl-Al is registered for use on the following food crops and ornamentals, and all of these uses are eligible for reregistration:
    Almonds (non-bearing) Ginseng
    Asparagus Ornamental plants, lawn and turf
    Avocados (non-bearing) Caneberries
    Pome fruits (non-bearing) Citrus (bearing and non-bearing)
    Pineapples Stone fruits (non-bearing)
    Only two pesticide products containing fosetyl-Al are registered, a technical grade product and an end use product.

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