Water Soluable Fertilizers at Gavin Horticulture Supply Company

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    What is water soluable fertilizer? Water-soluble fertilizer is one that dissolves in water. These fertilizers come in many formulations, such as starter formulas for transplants, or balanced formulas for use on houseplants, flowers and vegetables. The main advantage of water-soluble fertilizers is that they are fast-acting. In many cases, though, slow-release fertilizers that provide nutrients over a long period of time benefit plants more and are less likely to pollute ground water.

  • Selecting the right water soluable fertilizer

    Selecting the Right Water-Soluble Fertilizer To balance your growing media pH, select a water-soluble fertilizer that works with your irrigation water. There are two primary goals to keep in mind when selecting a water-soluble fertilizer for your facility:
    1. Maintaining the growing media pH within an acceptable range, and
    2. Supplying your plants with a sufficient amount of essential nutrients for good growth and flowering.

    The "best" fertilizer to use on your plants is the one that not only supplies nutrients, but also complements the alkalinity and nutrient content of your irrigation water. Our staff will be more than glad to help you with this decision.

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