Turf and Lawn Fertilizers at Gavin Horticulture Supply Company

  • Turf Fertilizers

    Fertilizers are literally plant food additives. Standard fertilizer consists of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. These essential nutrients have specific roles in plant growth. Turf grass requires high nitrogen levels to maintain strong, healthy growth during the active growing season. Balanced fertilizers may not provide enough nitrogen for optimal grass growth. Creating the lawn you want is easy. Feeding your grass regularly gives it the nutrition it needs to grow green and strong.

  • Lawn Fertilizers

    Feed your lawn regularly to ensure that it grows green Turf lawns are warm-season grasses that create a thick lawn that responds well under high-traffic conditions. Fertilizer applications provide essential nutrients required for growth. Most turf grass performs well with three annual fertilizer applications. Start with a late spring application, followed by an early fall and late fall application. Following a yearly fertilizer maintenance plan helps insure that your lawn remains problem-free and healthy.

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