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  • Nursery Grade Slow Release Fertilizers

    Easing the Roller Coaster Ride With Slow Release Fertilizer Many people today associate the terms "slow-release" and "organic" or "natural" as synonymous. As you know, they are not. Slow release fertilizers include products in which the nutrients contained within the product are either slowly soluble, slowly released, or held in a natural organic form (which require mineralization and nitrification in the soil). These products offer some flexibility in the application of nitrogen fertilizers.

  • Slow Release Fertilizers

    Always apply fertilizer at the proper time. Don't apply slow-release fertilizer late in the growing season. You don't want to boost foliage growth with nitrogen-heavy fertilizers prior to the dormant season. Over-application of fertilizer is a common occurrence. Too much product applied faster than the plant can absorb it wastes fertilizer and harms the plant.

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