Azalea and Camellia Fertilizers

  • Azalea

    Fertilizing Azaleas Azaleas are flowering woody shrubs of the rhododendron family. These shrubs thrive in organic, well-drained soil. The advantage of using the fertilizers which are specially formulated for azaleas and other acid loving plants is that these will make the soil pH lover naturally. Using regular 10-10-10 will also have a mild acidifying effect. Avoid extreme amounts of nitrogen (such as lawn fertilizer) and phosphorous (such as "bloom boosters").

  • Camillia

    Fertilizing Camillias Fertilizing is a task necessary in having healthy Camellias. Camellias often survive better when fertilized sparingly as opposed to when they are over fertilized. Camellias prefer acidic fertilizers and only a small amount of nitrogen. About the only other thing they may need from time to time is a bit of chelated iron to keep their leaves their greenest.

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