Drainage Products at Gavin Horticulture Supply Company

  • Landscape and Hardscape Drainage

    Landscape and Hardscape Drainage Residential landscaped gardens are beautiful and stunning. They feature gorgeous plants, flowers, trees, rockery and water features. Maintaining your landscape is simple and easy if you conduct the right tasks to keep it looking great and fantastic. Landscape drainage is just as import on your property as irrigation systems. Good landscape drainage will keep your landscaping free of puddle water which could cause several problems.

    Lots of water in landscaped areas due to poor landscape drainage could lead to many serious problems such as; plant disease, flowers dying, trees rotting, rockery shifting, and hardscapes moving out of place.

  • Drainage Products at Gavin Horticulture

    Landscape and Hardscape Drainage Products Landscape drainage is just as important as your homes drainage. There are various different types of drainage systems which can be put in place around your residential landscape areas. We carry superior quality drainage products for a wide variety of residential and non-residential systems. Prefabricated drainage systems designed to easily relieve surface and subsurface water buildup.

  • The Importance of Good Landscape Drainage Landscape drainage throughout your residential property should be firstly discussed upon building the landscape because it is very important and highly responsible for the well being of your landscaped garden and turf areas. Good landscape drainage will also help your lawns and turf to be healthy and green by keeping it free of excessive water. Excessive water on lawns can cause soil compaction and make walking across the lawn a muddy experience.

  • Surface Landscape Drainage Systems Surface drainage systems have been designed to collect water which is lying on the surface of your landscaped, hardscape, garden and turf areas to further prevent flooding types of problems. The water entering the surface drainage system will be caught in a catch basin which filters and keeps all debris and dirt and lets the water flow downwards throughout the piping system. This type of landscape drainage system can be connected to water tanks which enable homeowners to re-use the water back in the gardens. The drainage system is easily installed and comes in a variety of styles and sizes.

  • Downspout Landscape Drainage Downspout drainage is designed to carry roof water away from landscaped gardens and turf areas which could result in excessive flooding. Downspout drainage consists of a PVC pipe being attached to your roofing drainage and being positioned so that it will not lead or carry water into any part of your landscaped area. Downspout drainage will not move water completely from your property it will just assist homeowners with moving the excessive water to a place which needs it most.

  • Sub Surface Landscape Drainage A sub surface drainage system is a form of underground drainage. This type of landscape drainage system collects water from saturated soils, turfs, and garden beds and transfers the water to another place. Sub surface drains can help carry water away from sensitive plants which are prone to plant disease. Under ground drains can help move water from low spots in your backyards which are prone to excessive water.

  • Landscape Drain Grates Landscape drain grates are known to be the outer and top surface of the actual drain system itself. They come in a variety of different shapes and styles but they are all common for their filtering top cover, which are all generally the same. Some drain grates are suitable to different areas. Round drain grates ate commonly used in turf and grass areas. Squared drain grates are used on hardscaped areas such as; driveways and pool areas.